Jill Garber Couture

19 th. C Venetian Tesserae Grand Tour Micro Mosaic Cuff with Turquoise

This one of a kind sterling silver cuff bracelet features a large antique nineteenth century Venetian tesserae micro mosaic at its center. The mosaic bouquet has delightful shades of pink, yellow and and jade green tesserae, forming the slightly raised detail within traditional Venetian black glass. We have retained the original silver and gold vermeil braided frame and created a wreath of natural turquoise cabochons around it.

• Nineteenth century Venetian tesserae micro mosaic with roses within black Venetian glass
• Nineteenth century tesserae Micro Mosaic bouquets in original vermeil frames on either side of cuff
• Handcrafted in sterling silver with original patina in our studio