Jill Garber Couture

Figural Goddess Opal Necklace

This one of a kind Bohemian drop necklace features a finely crafted figural pendant with delicate pierced work dating to the Victorian period. A Goddess surrounded with classic French architectural ornament, the festoon drop with engraved pattern details frames an 10 x 12 mm Australian Opal that gracefully falls beneath. Elaborate linking in this necklace contains eight circa 1960 - 10 x 8 mm Australian Opals in coordinating patterned frames which are joined together with delicately turned fine filigree panels dating to the mid nineteenth century.

• Antique nineteenth century French Victorian Goddess pendant
• 10 x 12 vintage Australian Opal doublet circa 1960
• Eight 10 x 8 mm Australian Opal doublets circa 1960
• Antique nineteenth century filigree chaining links
• Overall length 20"
• Handcrafted in sterling silver with rich patina in our studio