Jill Garber Couture

Rococo Goddess of Life Lingerie Necklace with Australian Opals

SOLD - This Bohemian drop necklace features a figural pendant with delicate pierced work dating to the Victorian period. A Goddess is surrounded with classic French architectural details, with the festoon drop with engraved pattern details frames an Australian Opal that gracefully falls beneath. Elaborate linking in this necklace contains eight circa 1960 Australian Opals in coordinating patterned frames which are joined together with delicately turned fine filigree panels dating to the mid nineteenth century.

• Antique nineteenth century French Victorian Goddess pendant
• 10 x 12 vintage Australian Opal doublet circa 1960
• Eight 10 x 8 mm Australian Opal doublets circa 1960
• Antique nineteenth century filigree chaining links
• Overall length 20"
• Handcrafted in sterling silver with rich patina in our studio