Jill Garber Couture

Hobe Pear Cuff Bracelet

This one of a kind Sterling Silver cuff bracelet features a rare early Hobe' pear shaped brooch having at its center an 8.32 karat pink tourmaline with three natural green peridot. Each outside spine of this exquisite cuff is hand stamped with lace like details.

Hobé Cie was founded in 1887 by goldsmith Jacques Hobé. When costume-jewelry collectors think of Hobé, they picture the tasselled and beaded necklaces made by Jacques’ son, William, who established an American offshoot of the company in 1927. We could find no record of the later pieces by William utilizing natural stones such as this beautiful tourmaline with such fine filigree, therefore we believe this piece was created under Jacques.

• Early antique Hobe' filigree brooch with 8.32 karat natural pear shape tourmaline
• Three natural round faceted peridot
• Many early cut paste diamond, ruby, amethyst and emeralds
• Handcrafted in Sterling Silver with rich patina