Marburger Farm Antique Show

There is something magical about Texas. It is a place grounded by people who love it with all of their hearts. No matter what has been going on in my life, or the news, from the moment I cross the border at Texarkana, there is a pervasive attitude of gratitude that Texan’s seem to have. I think they actively choose to be happy, and Texan’s are not afraid to spread their joy.
There are still real cowboys and cowgirls in Texas. They have the best cowboy boots you will ever find, and for those of us with a passion for collecting old treasures, there is Round Top. Twice a year, in April and September, this tiny, village-like place opens its arms to welcome people from every corner of the world during “Round Top Trade Days”. It is quite literally an antique extravaganza, as far as you can see. You can trust me when I say that as soon as you turn on to Highway 237, from Brenham, you feel as though you are on “The Yellow Brick Road”, finally seeing Oz.

The locations for “shows” are as varied as the dealers and merchandise you will find. Many of the shows are planned with actual set opening and closing dates, however, within about a 10 mile radius of Round Top, there are dozens of others that set up in fields or buildings, filling every nook and cranny. They open when the sun comes up and close when it sets.

There is something for everyone to love about Round Top and everyone has their favorite places to hunt, so when I made my pledge to put all of my heart and soul into being a part of this incredible event, I set my sights on Marburger Farm. For me, it is simply the crown jewel of all Antique Show venues. I am so very proud to be a dealer there, so please allow me to share with you about it, from the inside out.

Marburger Farm Antique Show is a five day event, which opens in the spring on May 1-5, and again in the fall on October 1-5. It is an outdoor show with more than 350 dealers from across the United States and the world. Once an actual working farm, the 43 acre field is arranged for the show with ten large tents and 12 historic buildings, all of which are filled to the brim with treasures. Most dealers arrive at least four days early to set up their booths. I can tell you first hand that each and every dealer invests everything they have into bringing their “crème de la crème” of merchandise, in order to create the most exquisite visual displays you could imagine.

Everyone involved in making this show possible - from the management team, to dealers, porters and food vendors - works tirelessly from early morning and often through the night until opening day to make Marburger Farm an unforgettable event for all. You will be welcomed with the smell of great food, find yourself surrounded by beauty, forget your troubles, and leave feeling inspired. Marburger Farm is quite literally a magical event. Organizers have thought of everything here, from Wi-Fi, great food, on-site packing and shipping of merchandise for dealers and customers alike, and even air conditioned restrooms. Frequented by entertainment industry stylists and interior decorators from around the globe and publications such as Country Living, Romantic Homes and Where Women Create, Marburger Farm dealers are often the source of style trends.

Like dessert, we often save the best for last, and Marburger Farm is definitely dessert (as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner) so save your money, and make the effort to get there early for the opening morning line of excited buyers who will be loyally waiting to get in. Drive across the country, fly or do whatever it takes to become a part of the Round Top experience, and be sure to plan your trip to include the Marburger Farm Antique Show. You will be graciously welcomed, treated like an old friend, and I am absolutely certain you will fall madly in love with everything about it, as I did.

Oh, by the way, did I mention you will find me among my jewelry and clothing collections in Zeiger House, located on the Promenade?