Creating beautiful things made to endure over time, while preserving lovely old materials has been a way of life for me. As an artist and designer, these important foundational values are at the center of my creative process.

Both of my parents served in World War II, and their parents raised children through the Great Depression, so my childhood was filled with stories that provided meaning to the phrase “waste not, want not”. This was demonstrated in our home as my mother reused and recycled containers, wallpaper, foil and more. She sewed her own slipcovers for chairs and used leftover fabrics to make ruffled lampshades or pillows. We saved buttons and mended or altered our clothing to prolong wear - which I am certain later inspired me to redesign vintage clothing as well.

Sustainable Fashion came to be in the 1940’s when rationing of materials was implemented. The movement was dedicated to core values that included: increasing local production of products, prolonging the life cycle of materials, increasing quality of garments and/or materials that were timeless or had secondary uses. We believe the same factors apply to jewelry.

One piece of well-designed, carefully produced clothing or jewelry will outlive many inexpensive pieces. Quality materials and beautifully executed designs never go out of style.

Everything in my collection is based upon simple principles of design with a purpose and dedication to craft, which we consider to be at the heart of sustainable creation:

  • purposeful originality
  • thoughtful reuse of hand made vintage and antique materials
  • unique methods and style for upcycling of antique components
  • use of ethically sourced natural materials
  • dedication to restoration and preservation
  • value for history, cultures, traditions and craft
  • timeless style that interconnects generations
  • exceptional craftsmanship
  • reverence for artisans, seamstresses and craftspeople
  • collaborative spirit and value for customers
  • value for building long term, generational relationships with clients