By classic definition Bespoke is one of a kind and crafted for a specific individual to their specifications.

Jill’s collection is based upon one of a kind, limited production and crafted with very much the same methodology and care from beginning to end. A pattern for a dress, jacket, camisole, or other garment is created in one to three sizes. Fabrics, trims and other materials are collected and curated together in small batches as the process moves along.

These detailed steps also take place with her jewelry, though the materials are different and the drawings also involve meticulous diagrams.



Jill considers all of her jewelry to be legacy jewelry because each piece begins with heirloom, vintage and antique materials that have previous lives and histories.

  • Do you have family heirlooms that you would like Jill to redesign?

We can work with your existing jewelry to create modern legacy pieces that you can pass on to future generations.


  • Jill can create a single Pasimenterie Ornament or a Collection exclusively for you - from your own family heirlooms.

                               Bespoke and Custom


  • Most of the jewelry in the Blessings Collection can be customized to your specifications. Modifications in gemstones, length, precious metal and other details are possible.

Any sterling silver design can be special ordered in 14 or 18 kt. gold, gold and silver combination or platinum.

  • Wisdom Collection jewelry is one of a kind, however most of Jill’s bracelets and necklaces can be sized. Rings are crafted to be adjustable - however permanent sizing is available. There is no labor charge for adjusting sizes to fit, however in some cases there may be a materials cost.


The textiles we use are exclusively vintage and antique. By nature they are limited or one of a kind. Substitutions of similar textiles will be presented for special orders.

  • Most of the garments in our collection can be custom made to your size specifications. During the order process we will work closely with you on any modifications in fit or details you may desire.

In some cases we might have a garment in our collection that you love, but it is not your size.  Many of these can be altered or modified to fit. We generally cannot increase the size of a garment that is too small.  In most cases we can scale a larger garment down to fit a smaller size. We may also have a similar garment in your size in our collection that is not in our web store, so be sure to inquire. We are always available to assist you!

  • Most of our shoulder bags, clutches and totes can be custom made to your specification. Changes can also be made to adjust strap length, gusset width, and other details.
  • Elizabeth Purses and Chatelaines may require a period of sourcing for appropriate frames if we do not currently have one in our collection that you love. Alternative fabrics and fringes will be presented so that you can select what you love.
  • Mucha Belts can be sized to fit, or custom made to your specifications.

Are you a stylist in search of the perfect garment for a specific photo shoot, campaign, event, stage, film or Red Carpet?

Jill is always interested in design opportunities and challenges!

                                We are happy to discuss!