Jill Garber Couture

19 th. C. Venetian Goddess Cameo Lingerie Necklace with Hubai Turquoise

This one of a kind Bohemian necklace features six large naturally shaped turquoise cabochon festoons and a beautiful very fine, highly detailed carved Georgian period Goddess Cameo having a large turquoise drop at the center. Blending periods and styles, each element of this wonderful statement necklace has an elegantly engraved frame around a meticulously hand shaped bezel mount. The substantial links are crafted after traditional Navajo popsicle chain. Each robins egg blue turquoise cabochon with ornate matrix characteristics ranges in size from 42 mm to 25 mm.

• Antique Georgian period Goddess Cameo measuring 2.25 x 1.50
• Six natural shaped turquoise cabochon festoons ranging from 42 to 25 mm
• 42 mm turquoise drop
• Overall length 19.50 inches
• Handcrafted in Sterling Silver with rich patina in our studio