Designer and artist Jill Garber has spent her entire life creating beauty with her hands.

Her exquisite collection of one of a kind jewelry, clothing and accessories is overflowing with a unique blend of romance, refinement and nonconforming free spirited style. With meticulous workmanship, and attention to every detail she creates a soulful multidimensional tapestry that transcends cultural differences, age, gender and restrictive fashion rules. In the lovely world of her imagination, we embrace a spirit of commonality and celebrate the gift of being unique.

Colorful hand embroidered Canton Shawls, silk velvet and intricate needle lace weave flirtatious opulence into wonderfully crafted couture dresses, jackets and dusters with extravagant fringe. Art Nouveau silver buckles, figural purse frames and chatelaines are lovingly restored and reconstructed into divinely functional accessories.

Cuff bracelets with hand carved Venetian cameos depicting angels and goddesses are surrounded with greenish blue turquoise edged in gold. Diminutive portraits on porcelain, sacred medals and other heavenly baubles are seamlessly united together with natural amethyst, garnet, citrine and freshwater pearls in festoon necklaces, chokers, drop earrings, rings and bolos.

Each and every one of Jill Garber’s exquisite works of wearable art has a legacy that is endowed with stories and secrets of past lives tucked neatly inside forever. They speak unashamed of her passion to create timeless beauty with her artist’s language of love.