Jill Garber Couture

Rare 19 th. C. Venetian Cameo Necklace of the Gods with Freshwater Pearls

This divine legacy necklace designed in the Elizabethan style features a suite of six very fine antique nineteenth century shell Cameos. Created in Italy as a set for a wealthy patron - each of the large cameos measures 1.88 x 1.50. Four of the six Cameos depict Romanesque Goddesses. At the top of this necklace are two additional hand carved Goddess cameos - original to the suite, measuring approximately 11 x 14 mm. Double chaining joins each exquisite cameo, with 8-9 mm freshwater pearl "buttons" swags and romantic pierced filigree links at top near the clasp. Since each carved cameo is crafted one at a time, gathering a suite of six fitted, large nineteenth century cameos in the same size is a rarity.

• Suite of six antique nineteenth century hand carved shell cameos measuring 1.88 x 1.50
• Two 11 x 14 matching hand carved shell cameos as part of the original suite
• Five 8 - 9 mm Freshwater pearl "buttons"
• Set of antique nineteenth century filigree chaining links
• Overall length measured around the neck 15.25"
• Handcrafted in sterling silver with signature patina in our studio